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Summer smiles – oral care hacks for your holiday

Our oral hygiene advisor Dirna Grobbelaar has put together fuss-free oral care advice to keep you smiling beautifully all summer long. When holidays are on the horizon here’s how to maintain fresh breath and a healthy mouth.

Although holidays may change your usual routines, this isn’t the time to let self-care go out the window. According to Dirna, summer heat and indulging in treats and/or alcohol can all impact your oral health, contributing to bad breath, dry mouth and bleeding gums.

Instead of skipping important daily self-care rituals, make them as easy as possible and enjoy taking good care of yourself.

Gently brushing the teeth twice a day for two minutes each time, remains an everyday essential. With the super-sleek GUM Sonic, you can experience extra cleaning power and still pack light, as there’s no need for a bulky brush or charger. With ultra-soft bristles, a handy travel cap and a battery included, GUM Sonic makes better brushing on-the-go a breeze.

Give stains the brush-off with GUM Original White paste and rinse. They are free of harsh bleaching agents and have a unique StainClear formula that gently removes surface stains and helps strengthen enamel.

GUM Easy Flossers make cleaning in-between a cinch with ultra-shred-resistant floss & super comfortable handle. Unlike cheaper imitations, the floss won’t break when you use them. Plus there’s a convenient travel case in every pack. If you are more of an interdental brusher, look for GUM Trav-lers – top-quality tiny interdental brushes with antibacterial-coated bristles and a travel cap.

Bad breath isn’t on anyone’s wish list, but it is, unfortunately, more likely when hot weather and alcohol consumption can dry out the mouth. Dirna recommends drinking lots of fluids, rinsing with an alcohol-free mouthwash like Dentyl Active or GUM Original White and maintaining the daily oral care rituals listed above, that make your mouth feel fantastic.

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Or speak to your dentist or oral hygienist.

Happy holidays 😊