Your go-to solution for mouth ulcers and minor oral lesions, the Aloclair+ range is formulated with anti-inflammatory Aloe vera and soothing hyaluronic acid to give almost immediate relief and promote faster healing.

Aloclair+ works by forming a protective layer over the affected area, covering sensitive nerve endings and making it less painful to eat, drink and talk.

Trusted by health professionals globally, Aloclair+ is your trusted companion for comfort when you need it most.

Why we love Aloclair

For over a decade, Ivohealth has proudly distributed the Aloclair brand in South Africa. Here’s why we love it:

  • Protective comfort: Aloclair+ forms a protective shield layer over sensitive nerve endings, offering unparalleled relief.
  • Faster healing: The formulation helps speed up the healing process, ensuring a quicker recovery.
  • Trust: Aloclair+ is trusted and recommended by healthcare professionals worldwide.
  • Targeted relief: Available in a gel and spray form, Aloclair+ is easy to apply where needed.
  • Family-friendly: suitable for all ages, from 2 months and up.
  • Powerful active ingredients: soothing Aloe vera and hydrating hyaluronic acid.

Choose Aloclair+ for proven efficacy, trusted relief and comfort.