Olgani Naturals is a proudly South African range of uncompromisingly natural toothpaste and tooth powders. Their philosophy is based on providing proper oral and bodily care; because the body absorbs what we put onto and into it.

Olgani is a trailblazer in natural oral care. It was the first brand in South Africa to launch a toothpaste with pre and probiotics, and the first to incorporate charcoal into toothpaste.

Olgani is 100% natural, only made with ingredients sourced from nature, like sea salt, charcoal and cocoa, which have health-giving benefits for the mouth and the body. Olgani products are free from glycerine, fluoride, sweeteners, foaming agents, artificial preservatives, dyes and flavours, artificial antibacterial agents and parabens.

Why we love Olgani

Proudly South African, completely natural, and good enough to eat – Olgani sets a new standard.

  • All-natural ingredients– made exclusively with active, health-boosting ingredients that are good enough to eat.
  • Innovation – since it launched Olgani has introduced many innovations, including the first South African oral care range with pre- and probiotics.
  • Sea salt– the main ingredient in most Olgani products – helps maintain a healthy balance of oral flora, alkalising the oral cavity and neutralising acids.
  • Planet-friendly– Olgani tooth powders use less water and come in a zero-waste glass jar with an aluminium lid.
  • No nasties– made without any additives like foaming agents or glycerine.