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GUM Access Floss 50pcs

GUM Access Floss is an expanding floss with a built-in threader that makes it easy to insert and floss around crowns, bridges, implants, orthodontic braces or between wide interdental spaces. Effectively removes plaque and debris for healthier gums and teeth. Features
  • Built-in threader for easy insertion
  • Expanding floss for superior cleaning
  • Quality, shred-resistant floss
  • Recommended by dental professionals
Who is it for? Adults with bridges, crowns, implants or very wide gaps between the teeth. Professionals: oral hygienists, general dentists, orthodontists and prosthodontists.

GUM Paroex Daily Prevention Toothpaste 0.06% 75ml

GUM Paroex Daily Prevention toothpaste is a powerful dual-action toothpaste that combines chlorhexidine, the gold standard for plaque control, and CPC for antiseptic plaque control when you need it most. This toothpaste is recommended to help manage and prevent gingivitis and periodontitis and can be used during the maintenance phase of treatment.  Recommended by dental professionals around the world for clinically proven results. Features & Benefits
  • Clinically proven, dual-action plaque control
  • Formulated with chlorhexidine digluconate (0.06%), the gold standard for plaque control, and CPC (0.05%) which is proven to enhance the anti-plaque power of chlorhexidine
  • Alcohol-free
  • Does not contain SLS foaming agents which can irritate the gums and interfere with chlorhexidine efficacy – it is the ideal toothpaste to use in conjunction with GUM Paroex mouthrinses (GUM Paroex Daily Prevention mouthrinse)
  • Fresh pleasant mint flavour
  • Helps reduce dental plaque accumulation
  • Helps soothe irritated, sensitive gums
  • Helps maintain healthy gums
  • Ideal pre-and post-oral surgery such as tooth extraction and implant placement
  • Ideal to use in the maintenance phase after a periodontal treatment, to address early signs of sensitive gums and also recommended for plaque control in orthodontic, denture or other prosthetic situations.
Paroex Daily Prevention toothpaste contains:
  • 0.06% Chlorhexidine Digluconate and 0.05% CPC (an effective dual action antiplaque system)
  • Vitamin E, an effective antioxidant
  • Aloe vera to help nourish and soothe irritated oral tissue
  • Pro-vitamin B5 (panthenol) to revitalise oral mucosa
How to use:
  • Simply apply it to a soft toothbrush and brush after every meal, or at least twice daily, for three minutes at a time.
  • For best results use GUM Paroex Daily Maintenance toothpaste with GUM Paroex Intensive Action or Daily Prevention mouthrinses.
For adult use only.

GUM Paroex Daily Prevention Mouth Rinse 0,06% 500ml

Alcohol-free GUM Paroex Daily Prevention Mouthrinse is an effective daily rinse to help manage sensitive gums and following periodontal treatment for gingivitis and periodontitis. It is also recommended by dental professionals for long-term superior plaque control for healthy teeth and gums. Particularly helpful in cases where it’s difficult to effectively remove plaque, for example people with orthodontics, prosthetics and limited ability to brush. GUM Paroex Daily Prevention Mouthrinse combines chlorhexidine, the gold standard in plaque control with cetylpyridinium chloride (CPC) 0.05% which is proven to enhance the plaque-fighting capability of chlorhexidine. It has a fresh, pleasant minty taste, is alcohol-free and gentle on the gums and mouth tissue. For clinically proven, dual-action plaque control simply rinse with GUM Paroex Daily Prevention Mouthrinse after brushing, ideally using GUM Paroex Daily Prevention Gel toothpaste. Features & Benefits:
  • For long term plaque prevention
  • Helps soothe irritated and sensitive gums
  • Fresh mint flavour
  • Alcohol-free
  • Ready-to-use – no dilution required
  • Ideal in the maintenance phase after periodontal treatment or to address the early signs of sensitive gums
  • 500ml
How to use:
  • Rinse with 10 to 15ml of GUM Paroex Daily Prevention Mouthrinse 0.06% twice daily for 30 seconds.
  • Suitable for long-term use.
  • Ideal for people with irritated, sensitive or bleeding gums, halitosis or post dental treatment
Suitable for:
  • People with health conditions or disabilities that affect their ability to correctly brush, floss or clean in-between the teeth
  • People wearing orthodontic braces as these create many areas that are difficult to reach with brushing or cleaning in-between
  • People who struggle with plaque build-up which then leads to bleeding gums, gum disease or bad breath. Paroex helps control plaque build-up.
For adult use only.

GUM Delicate Post Surgical Toothbrush

The GUM Post-Surgical toothbrush is designed specifically for post-surgical cleaning, with ultra-soft 0.10mm bristles. Ideal for post-surgical cleaning, gum disease, mouth irritations, extractions, implants and grafts.
  • Ultra-soft
  • Extremely fine (0.10 mm) bristles
  • Recommended for:
  • Post-surgical/radiotherapy/tooth extraction/ cleaning
  • Patients with gum disease mouth irritation
  • Patients with implants & grafts
  • Massaging soft tissue under a denture

Oclean X10 Sonic Toothbrush

Up your brushing game Up your brushing game with this ultra-quiet sonic featuring a colour touch screen, instant feedback, 80,000 movements per minute and 5 intensity modes. • Up to 80 000 movements per minute • Interactive colour screen • Instant brushing feedback and supplementary plan for missed areas • 5 intensity modes – Clean, Sensitive, Massage, Whitening, Polish • Ultra-quiet – only 45 decibels (one of the quietest sonics in the world) • IPX7 waterproof • Rechargeable. Up to 60 days battery life from a 5-hour charge. • The super stable maglev (magnetic levitation) motor means less energy loss between the handle and the brush head, giving you a better cleaning experience • Tongue cleaner (incorporated in the Plaque Control brush head design) • Premium quality DuPont Tynex® bristles, diamond cut for a gentle, thorough clean • 2-year warranty Colours: available in grey and blue.

Oclean W10 Oral Irrigator Green

Interdental power Oclean’s award-winning oral irrigators are a stylish and powerful way to dislodge plaque and food trapped between the teeth and a great alternative to traditional flossing. The W10 Oral Irrigator offers a superb, efficient clean in-between with 1,400 pulses per minute, 5 modes and rotating adaptable nozzles. • 5 flossing modes – Intensive, Standard, Gentle, Pulsating, On-Demand • Superb, efficient clean – 1,400 pulses per minute • Nozzle rotates 360 degrees • 4 nozzle types – Standard, Orthodontic, Periodontal, Tongue Scraper • Rechargeable with a USB charger • Portable, with an easy to carry non-slip handle • XPX7 waterproof – rinse proof and shower ready • 200ml detachable water tank – easy to check water levels • Up to 30 days battery life • 2-year warranty Colours: available in white

GUM Sonic Sensitive Toothbrush

Whether you have a healthy mouth or experience sensitive teeth and tender gums, now is the time to add sonic power to your everyday oral care routine and feel the difference!  The new GUM Sonic Sensitive toothbrush is the latest addition to the GUM range of top-quality oral care tools. Designed especially for people with sensitive teeth and bleeding gums. So gentle, even kids can use it!
  • With 12 000 movements per minute, it offers a gentle but effective clean and a refreshing sonic brushing experience.
  • Features ultra soft bi-level bristles with extra thin tips at both ends.
  • Proven 88% deeper clean in hard to reach areas (based on a 2-min brushing session twice a day versus a sensitive manual flat trim toothbrush).
  • Easily replaceable head for less plastic waste.
  • The GUM Sonic Sensitive is available in white only.
  • Battery lasts 3 months (battery included).
  • Replacement heads recommended every 3 months.

Thryve Mouth Salts 100g

Thryve mouth salts helps neutralise acids in the throat and maintain a healthy pH balance, preventing unwanted bacteria from accumulating and causing infections. Controls and helps treat
  • Bad breath
  • Sore throats
  • Mouth ulcers
  • Bleeding and swollen gums
Mouth Health = Body Health
  • Natural antibacterial
  • Cleanses and removes plaque
  • Promotes fresh breath
  • Rebuilds gum health
  • Treats inflammation and gingivitis
  • Helps bring brightness back to your teeth – gently

Olgani Mineral Rich Toothpaste 75ml

The Olgani Toothpastes are formulated using their unique NutrireB base, which is a proprietary blend of Sea Salt, Oryza Sativa powder and Sesamum Indicum Oil. NutrireB base’s gentle, botanical cleaning action is non-abrasive and delivers essential minerals. The Mineral Rich Toothpaste has been formulated to work in synergy with the body’s natural remineralisation of the teeth. Minerals, proteins and enzymes which naturally occur in saliva, help to re-mineralise tooth enamel and nourish gum tissue throughout life. All natural, free from glycerine, fluoride, foaming agents, sweetener, titanium dioxide, dyes and artificial preservatives.