You brush the outside, Balene® brushes the inside. It’s a toothbrushing revolution.

Balene® has an innovative dual-sided head that embraces the teeth, brushing the inside and outside simultaneously, meaning a better clean in less time. The unique 180° rotating head makes it easy to reach all areas of the mouth.

Balene® is backed by clinical research, including a recent study published in the International Journal of Dental Hygiene, which demonstrates Balene’s remarkable efficacy in removing plaque and promoting good oral hygiene. It’s ideal for adults and children (6 years and above), particularly people with limited dexterity or challenges with fine motor skills.

Why we love Balene

Balene seamlessly combines efficiency with innovation, offering an optimal solution for individuals who struggle with correct brushing techniques.

  • Makes it easier than ever to brush teeth
  • Almost no brushing technique is required, thanks to the rotating head that swivels 180 degrees.
  • Innovative dual-sided head design – it cleans the inside, outside and chewing surfaces simultaneously.
  • 45° angled bristles gently reach under the gum line, where plaque loves to hide.
  • New-generation antibacterial Tyflex® bristles – soft, durable and hygienic.

Longer lasting  – bristles last twice as long as a conventional nylon toothbrush.