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Oclean W10 Oral Irrigator Replacement Nozzle Green 2pcs

Interdental power. A superb, efficient clean in-between with 1,400 pulses per minute, 5 modes and rotating adaptable nozzles. • 5 flossing modes – Intensive, Standard, Gentle, Pulsating, On-Demand • Superb, efficient clean - 1,400 pulses per minute • Nozzle rotates 360 degrees • 4 nozzle types – Standard, Orthodontic, Periodontal, Tongue Scraper • USB charger • Portable, with an easy to carry non-slip handle • XPX7 waterproof – rinse proof and shower ready • 200ml detachable water tank – easy to check water levels • 30-day battery life

Oclean W1 Oral Irrigator Air-Powered Replacement Nozzle Transparent

Compact yet powerful Oclean’s award-winning oral irrigators are a stylish and powerful way to dislodge plaque and food trapped between the teeth and a great alternative to traditional flossing. The award-winning Oclean W1 is a high-performance oral irrigator with 9 intensities to clean effectively, gently and quickly between the teeth. • High-performance flossing with 9 intensities • Powerful pump mixes air and water • Jets the air and water mix between the teeth • Oclean Care app and Bluetooth connectivity to identify missed areas • Soft, silicone nozzle – gentle on gums • Compact, sleek design Easy to carry, only weighs 159 g • Up to 30-day battery life after a 3-hour charge • 30 ml water tank – enough for a full 2 minutes of effective cleaning in-between • 2-year warranty Award winner: 2021 Red Dot Award for product design