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Natural oral care with Olgani

Why we love Olgani Naturals

If you’re considering a more natural approach to health and wellness, your mouth is a good place to start. What goes in your mouth goes into your body. But, with shelves full of merchandise claiming to be natural, how do you know which are best for YOU?

Our mission at Ivohealth is to source and supply the best oral care products from around the world, so you don’t have to worry. Our expert team only chooses brands they can recommend with trust and confidence. Our recommendation for truly natural oral care is Olgani Naturals, a proudly South African range of uncompromisingly natural toothpaste and tooth powders.

Olgani Naturals is a brand that cares about the health of the entire body and offers a completely natural oral health care option to protect and care for your teeth and gums. Olgani Naturals’ philosophy and core belief lie in proper oral and bodily care; because the body absorbs what we put onto and into it. The absorption properties of the mouth is approximately two to three times higher than the skin, making the use of safe and healthy oral care products, critical.

All Olgani toothpaste, tooth powders and mouthwashes are made from specially selected medicinal plants and are completely edible – they’re as good for your body as they are for your pearly whites.

Olgani products are free from glycerine, fluoride, sweeteners, foaming agents, artificial preservatives, dyes and flavours, artificial anti-bacterial agents and parabens. Glycerine can coat the teeth, slowing the natural process of re-mineralisation of tooth enamel and contributing to the formation of dental plaque. Instead of the need for glycerine in Olgani’s formulae, the principle of “oil pulling” was adopted, using sesame and coconut oils to create a unique signature blend, NutrireB. NutrireB is a proprietary base combination of rice flour, sesame oil and sea salt.

Rice flour, which is rich in minerals and vitamins, is non-abrasive yet thoroughly polishes the teeth. Sesame oil moisturizes and nourishes gums and teeth. Sea salt is a natural preservative, regulating the pH and stimulating the production of saliva, your body’s natural mouth wash.

Olgani is 100% natural, only made with ingredients sourced from nature, like sea salt, charcoal and cocoa, which have health-giving benefits for the mouth and the body.

7 things we love about Olgani Naturals

  1. All-natural ingredients – made exclusively with active, health-boosting ingredients that are good enough to eat
  2. Sea salt – the main ingredient in most Olgani products – helps maintain a healthy balance of oral flora, alkalising the oral cavity and neutralising acids
  3. Planet-friendly – Olgani tooth powders use less water, and come in a zero-waste glass jar with an aluminium lid.
  4. No nasties – Olgani is made without any additives like foaming agents or glycerine
  5. Proudly South African – locally formulated and produced
  6. New Olgani Probiom is formulated with probiotics and prebiotics for a healthy oral microbiome.
  7. Innovation – since it launched Olgani has introduced many innovations, including the first South African oral care range with probiotics and prebiotics

Olgani’s uncompromisingly natural oral care range includes these premium products:


Tooth Powder