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Dental Wellness Trust Graduation Party

The Dental Wellness Trust recently hosted a graduation party for some of the children participating in their LiveSmart oral education programme at Nyameko Primary School, Mfuleni, Cape Town. Each child received a certificate and a T-shirt sponsored by Sunstar GUM and Thryve. The children’s enthusiasm for keeping their teeth clean was delightful. Look at the happy, healthy smiles in the pics below.

The Dental Wellness Trust, a charity organisation, was founded by London-based, South African born dentist Dr Linda Greenwall in 2011. Concerned about the growing numbers of children needing general anesthetic for extractions due to heavily decayed teeth, Greenwall established the charity to provide basic oral care and hygiene skills. Today their LiveSmart Oral Education programme reaches around 15, 000 children) in low-income areas of South Africa (over 13, 000 in Cape Town and 2, 000 in Johannesburg). Trained ‘toothbrushing mamas’ teach the children basic oral care and hygiene skills, in their communities.

Dr Greenwall says many South Africans don’t know the basic oral skills: “When they first join us many children don’t own a toothbrush, they may share one with their family. It’s unsurprising so many have dental disease before the age of six. Brushing the teeth correctly twice a day is essential for good oral health, fresh breath and to prevent cavities.”

Ivohealth, Sunstar GUM and Thryve are proud to support this worthy organisation 🙂 

To find out more visit the Dental Wellness Trust or find them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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